TechCon event exceeds expectations in Reston, VA

For the first time, NCRA brought together the CLVS Seminar, the Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop and the Trial Presentation programs in conjunction with tech-only programming to give attendees a comprehensive event dedicated to technological programming.

Based upon preliminary feedback, NCRA is thrilled to report that the event was well received by attendees, especially the featured Ignite reception on Saturday evening. In case you missed it, videos of each 5 minute presentation will be available on the NCRA YouTube page in the coming weeks.

Another highlight of the weekend came when Board members Chris Willette and Steve Zinone challenged each other to a “skate-off” to raise funds for the National Court Reporters Foundation in memory of Richard “Bear” Smith, the late husband of president-elect Tami Smith. The impromptu event raised over $1,200 for NCRF programs and initiatives. Visit the NCRA YouTube channel to see Chris and Steve on the ice!