NCRA President Doug Friend stands up for steno to Law Technology News Article

On Thursday, March 22, NCRA President Doug Friend, RDR, CRR, submitted a letter to the editor promoting stenographic court reporters in response to a Law Technology News article promoting personal digital voice recorders. In the article, author John Edwards claims, “Unless you’re really good at taking notes, the only way to reliably document words spoken in depositions, conferences, meetings, interviews, phone calls, and other settings is with portable and reliable recording equipment.”

President Friend responded, “While we presume Mr. Edwards is not discussing the legal record of proceedings taken at depositions, it is important to clarify. Court reporters are the preferred method for capturing the record in depositions and provide an array of services that are unmatched by any digital recording device.”

President Friend then promotes stenographic court reporters by affirmatively stating, “For attorneys and others, the value of stenographic court reporters can carry significance far beyond making the record. Through what is known as realtime reporting, a court reporter is able to create an instantaneous voice-to-text translation of testimony that allows parties to follow testimony on a laptop and highlight or mark it for follow-up questions and to otherwise better prepare for subsequent proceedings.”

NCRA sends a major thank you to President Friend for defending all stenographic court reporters against all digital recording devices.

 Source: NCRA