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Please help us celebrate our troops and National Court Reporting and Captioning Week by contributing your letter and/or toiletries during our Operation Gratitude drive on February 22 from 10 to 1.  Our reporting students will be standing by to take down your thank you letter to the troops.  We will have a huge banner for everyone to sign to send and will be giving away door prizes every half hour.  No need to be present to win.  You will need to leave us an e-mail address and phone number to contact the winners.  All door prizes will need to be picked up from the school within two weeks of the 22nd.

Please help us get word out by forwarding the Operation Gratitude flier to your address book, Facebook friends. LinkedIn partners and anyone else who might like to participate in this full-filled event.  Thanks so much in advance for being a part of our first annual Operation Gratitude drive.  Come have some fun, refreshments, and help out our troops.  We’ll leave the door open for ya!!!


“This was truly unexpected! I’m honored to be the one-millionth person to receive a care package from Operation Gratitude,” said Oekerman. “I know so many Sailors are deserving of this honor and these amazing gifts. It’s a pretty selfless act on {Operation Gratitude’s} part to send care packages to people they don’t even know and ask for nothing in return.”

In celebration of National Court Reporting and Captioning Week, The Realtime Academy of Court Reporting has organized a collection drive on Saturday, February 22, 2014, from 10:00 am-1:00pm at the school’s location, 515 N. Sam Houston Parkway E., Suite 345, Houston, 77060.

Operation Gratitude sends 100,000+ care packages to deployed Troops, Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and their Caregivers.  We need your donations to show our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that they are not alone.

Come help the Troops by donating toiletries such as:   wipes (specifically individual packets of moist towelettes), socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balm, roll-on deodorant, hand/foot warmers, foot powder (travel size), and razors, are some of the most popular items.  But we also have learned of something they like even more that only takes your time:   letter writing.  “These are often the most cherished items in the care packages,” as stated from Operation Gratitude website.  Come dictate your soldier letter to our court reporting student, and you will see it in our “machine language.”  We will print it in English for you to sign.  You sign and we send it.

Round up your friends, family and neighbors to help make this a huge success for our Troops.

Bring your donations and tour what a real live Court Reporting School is all about.    We will demonstrate to you how that court machine “thingy” works and will have a captioning demonstration as well.  Door prizes; gift baskets; and, of course, delicious refreshments will all be a part of this honorable and worthy celebration.

U.S. LEGAL Support is teaming with The Realtime Academy sponsoring all postage to get the care packages to our troops, many stationed overseas.  Lee Ann Watson, U.S. Legal Support Southwest Division President states, “It is an honor for us to have the opportunity to team with The Realtime Academy, bringing the legal community together in support of our service men, women and their families.”

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