Court reporter-supported rescue dog called in to help with missing teenager

Julie Brandau Community Service Memorial Canine-Handler Rescue team Jeff Leon and “Justice” deployed for the first time the weekend of October 14, to aid in the search for a teenage boy.  Leon, who works with the Tulsa, Okla., Fire Department, told the Search Dog Foundation, “This was our first-ever deployment, and I could not be more proud of Justice and the way he searched. All of the hours and hours of training and hard work over the last two years led to last night because I knew, without a doubt, that if the boy was still alive, we were not going to leave him behind.”

Justice was named in honor of Julie Brandau, an Atlanta court reporter who was brutally murdered along with her judge and a sheriff’s deputy in 2005. The nationwide community of court reporters has raised more than $75,000 for SDF and sponsored seven search teams in Julie’s memory.

Source: NCRA