Anti-contracting legislation introduced in Mississippi

On Tuesday, February 21, the Mississippi state legislature introduced H.B. 689, legislation that would effectively stop third-party contracting in the state. Partner legislation is expected to be released by the state Senate in the next few days. The legislation, which closely relates to the model legislation introduced by NCRA’s Task Force on Contracting, has been promoted by the Mississippi Court Reporters Association. MCRA plans on continuing to lobby their state legislature to promote H.B. 689 and the partner bill that is introduced in the Senate.

NCRA’s Government Relations Department has provided legislative support to MCRA over the past several weeks offering letters of support, consulting on drafting legislation, and talking points for meetings with legislators. NCRA will continue to offer assistance to the MCRA as the 2012 legislative cycle continues. NCRA strongly supports legislation that makes third-party contracting illegal and will work with affiliate associations to introduce new legislation or improve existing legislation, which will help achieve this end-goal.

Source: NCRA